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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bug 349 - you cant select a radio button in IE if it doesn't have a name

Issue: #349
Affects: IE6, IE7, IE8
Fixed In: IE9 Platform Preview 1

This isn't a major bug since it has such a simple workaround but an odd one for sure.

In short it is really simple. If you add a radio button to your page that doesn't have a name attribute, you can't select it... even if it has an id attribute or even if you pair it up with a <label> tag it still won't select.


<input type="radio" id="foo"/> <label for="foo">Pick Me!</label>
<input type="radio" id="bar"/> <label for="bar">No Pick Me!</label>

Try it out!

If you are using a non-IE browser it should work just fine.

Known Workarounds: One. Add a name attribute and it works just fine in IE.

Related Issues: None.

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