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Friday, August 3, 2007

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a Blog or a Bug Tracking site?

A: Both! If this grows immensly, I'll likely build it into its own site, but for now, its a Bug Blog.

Q: If I found a bug and I want to add it to your list, can I? and if so how?

A: Sure thing! I've turned comments off on a bunch of the posts, but if you have found a bug you want to share, jump to the Bug Submission page, and add the details in a comment.

Q: What if I have a question about this site, that isn't about a bug, how can I contact you?

A: I've made another post for Site Feedback, feel free to leave a comment there.

Q: Are the bug numbers in any sort of sequence?

A: They are just random numbers. In time, the "gaps" between the bug numbers will fill up.

Q: All the bugs seem to be for Internet Explorer, what gives?

A: The conspiracy theorists would likely claim a bias, however the bugs are merely listed based of the frustration level they cause developers. If you have a really annoying bug in Camino, Firefox, Konqueror, Maxthon, Opera, Safari or other, by all means submit it! I'd be glad to include it.

Q: Why don't you allow comment on the individual bug entries?

Unlike a typical blog, I intend to update each section as more content becomes available, so this may end up more like a wiki than your typical blog. I wanted a tool to quickly build up a site with content, for tracking bugs in browsers... and blogging software fit the bill. I just wanted something that would allow me to post an "article" on an issue, and thus be trackable by others.

It may roll out in to a full fledged site at some point, with a proper DB, PHP Framework etc. however I didn't want to do that until there was (A) a reasonable level of content, and (B) I had a sense of whether MS was planning to re-open their bug tracking system.

For item (B) as previously mentioned I'll certainly link into it once it becomes available, but I didn't want to invest too much time and effort, if MS was "just about" to roll out their own.

Anyway, the comment thing... I didn't want a huge trail of mis-information in the comments, that you typically see on other blogs. The final workaround is usually partly in the article, then that little snippet from comment 34, and the hack from comment 71 or 83. For the poor web developer just trying to make sense of it all, a consolidated view is needed. (not to mention the quantity of spam/troll comments)

Thus I have the Site Feedback, and Submit a Bug links, that anyone can post comments to. I take that info (there's been several additions already) and update/revise the articles accordingly.