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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Browser Life Statuses

Browser Life Status:

Many will argue what set of browsers should be supported for a given site or application but there isn't a perfect answer. Its a trade off between accepting a wide range of users, browsers, and platforms vs. the development time & cost needed to support them.

Eventually though, you need to kick certain browsers to the curb. You reach the threshold where it simply isn't worth your time to support them.

Deciding when to drop support is tricky what rules do you apply?

1.) We only support the last 2 official versions of modern browsers?
2.) We only support Mac/Windows?
3.) Only browsers less than 2 years old?

One of the tools you'll need to decide, is some stats about the browsers themselves. Just how old is IE6? What about Firefox 1.0?

Well hopefully this will help out. Its a "live" list of browsers age color coded to visually indicate just how old a given browser is*.

(Update: Bloggers options for inserting JavaScript and CSS into a post are limited. We are looking to host this externally to ensure 100% uptime.)

* Where exact release dates were not known, the 1st of the month they were released was used.

We have certainly come a long way! We'll be sure to add new browsers when they are officially released and expand this to include some of the less popular ones.

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