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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Apple Safari on Windows

Apple Safari on Windows:

For those familiar with the MacOS platform, Safari is likely your native tongue.

However Safari on Windows, is relatively new, and brings another great browser to the Windows world with all its shiny aqua goodness.

As a new browser on the Windows platform, it has some excellent features, and a few bugs that I'll point out below.

1.) It is Fast, blazing Fast!
2.) It has a built in JavaScript Console
3.) Built on the WebKit codebase (same as Konqueror), it is one of the most standards compliant browsers out there!
4.) Fancy shmancy form field highlighting
5.) Built in resizable textareas
6.) Built in bug submission. Right into the browser! Simply give some brief details (the url of the page you are on is sent automatically) and submit! All browsers could use this feature!

1.) It doesn't respond to the windows command [WinKey]+ M or [WinKey] + D to minimize all windows and display the desktop.
2.) You can only resize the window, by the bottom right corner, or double-clicking th e title bar.

If you haven't tried this browser out yet, I'd highly recommend it!