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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Browser Preferences - Poll Results

It isn't much of a surprise, but lets review the findings.

Several weeks ago, we opened up a poll asking you what your favorite Web Browsers were. As a site delivering content mainly to Web Developers, it came as no surprise that Mozilla Firefox was by far the most favored Browser.

Favorite Browser Poll Results:

What is interesting to see, is the breakdown of other Browsers. Keep in mind, these are "preferred" Browsers, not necessarily reflecting spec compliance, features or bugs, but rather what you prefer as a browser.

Thus a new poll has opened, asking you what features in a browser are most important to you? Do you care about add-ons? Do you care about Specs? Do you care about speed? etc.

Feel free to choose your favorite features in a Browser (any browser) as we dig deeper into what makes a good browser, and thus what features we would like added, or bugs we'd like fixed in other browsers.

Happy New Year!

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