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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bug 126 - no W3C DOM Level 2 Event Listeners

Issue: #126
Affects: IE6, IE7, IE8
Partially Fixed in: IE9 RC 1 (events are still not possible on option/optgroup elements (bug 280))
Status: Microsoft has confirmed this will NOT be fixed in IE8 RTM

MSIE Feedback ID: 333958

The W3C published the specs for (W3C DOM2 Event Listeners) on or before November 13th, 2000. This means that the spec has been available for over seven years. When it wasn't present in IE6, the development community couldn't complain. When it was omitted from IE7 (they were still too busy trying to catch up) it was unfortunate, but accepted. However we are now at the dawn of IE8 (currently in Beta) and there is still no sign of DOM2 Event Listeners. Therefore this is no longer just a "we haven't had the time yet" or "we have higher priorities" issue, this is now a genuine bug!


<script type="text/javascript">
var obj = document.getElementById('foo');
obj.addEventListener('click', myClickHandler, false );

Known Workarounds: One. Create your own "addEvent" function that attempts to best handle IE's missing implementation by wrapping "attachEvent" in a cross-browser implementation.

Example Workaround Code:


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