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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

bug 326 - field names in IE that break with Mootools

Issue: #326
Affects: IE6, IE7, IE8 Beta 1?
JS Library: Mootools
Mootools Trac#:798

The following fields (name or id) will cause issues in Mootools:

"addEvent", "match", "position", "search"

Due to conflicts when the name exists in Element.Prototype, it will cause issues.

These will fail when you try to iterate using .each (for example) over a form element array.

<input id="addEvent"/>
<input id="match"/>
<input id="position"/>
<input id="search"/>

<input name="addEvent"/>
<input name="match"/>
<input name="position"/>
<input name="search"/>

Known Workarounds: None. (other than to be careful not to use these field identifiers)

Related Issues: None.

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