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Saturday, June 14, 2008

feature 266 - window.prompt() in Safari is multiline capable!

Issue: #266
Affects: Safari 3.1/Win, 4.0 Beta/Win (readers report that this feature isn't available on the Mac)

The window.prompt() function when it first became available would allow a user to add 1 (one) line of text as an input value using a modal dialog supplied by the browser.

It turns out though, that Safari now allows users to enter more than one line of text (Enter is treated as a request for a carriage return, not to accept the value and submit the dialog).

I don't consider this a bug, but rather an enhancement to the existing dialog. (In Safari's case, it could do with a scrollbar, since it does allow more than the 3 lines it visually displays)

However this is something that developers will want to be aware of... that line breaks should be expected in the return value from the prompt call.

Try it!:

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