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Thursday, November 6, 2008

bug 327 - IE limits your CSS file size and contents!

Issue: #327
Affects: IE6, IE7, IE8

So like every Web Developer out there, you've moved all the styling you can to seperate CSS Stylesheets - Great!

Did you know that there are limits? Well no, not in all browsers however in IE there is a limit, in fact a few.

  1. In IE, the maximum size of any CSS file included in your page is ~288kb IE will load up to that point, but will ignore any content after that. (something to keep in mind if you merge your CSS files to avoid multiple HTTP connections!)

  2. In IE, you can only have 4096 style rules, after which all are ignored. (something to keep in mind if you are generating unique styles for nearly every element)

Known Workarounds: None.

Related Issues: None.

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