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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bug or Feature? - Round Four

Round Four - Please Don't Stop The Music?

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We're back again with another round of "Bug or Feature?" highlighting a particular behavior in one or more browsers, that, well, could be a Bug, or it could be a Feature... we'll open up the comments for your vote and opinion.

Alright, what's today's "Bug or Feature"?

The (now deprecated) embed element (use object instead) allows you to embed content in your page like audio and video. Adding audio on demand in your site can be an ideal way to add some multimedia interaction without having to resort to a full blown flash or silverlight plugin.

We can dynamically insert the embed element, and even start it by setting the autostart attribute to true.

If we remove the element, the audio stops, since it is no longer in the DOM... well it stops in Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. but in IE it keeps on playing and there is no way to stop it. Since there is also a loop attribute that we can set to true, this opens up a very interesting behavior.

So the Question is...

Is this a Bug? Or a Feature?

Vote "Bug" or "Feature", and add your thoughts.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Definitely Bug! But then, when it comes to IE, I consider it's ability to start a bug.