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Friday, April 3, 2009

SVN Access to the IE Code Base for 24 hours!

SVN Access to the IE Code Base for 24 hours!

After all the April Fools' day fun, I had this dream the other night that (Dean Hachamovitch [MSFT]) suffering from a bit of a fever, had taken some over-the-counter medication that was making him feel light headed... and in a moment of inspiration decided that Microsoft should open up access to their code base to let other developers come in and fix some bugs.

The dream was over far too soon as the fever subsided and the access was closed 24 hours later.

However just imagining this brought a smile to my face. I told others and they laughed but agreed it would be great, and then there were those that told me this would never come true... "come on! Subversion Access? Hah! ROFLOL, Subversion! As if!"

What If?

Now lets just say that this magical turn of events did come true. You are provided with 24hours of SVN access to the IE Code Base... What would you want to fix?

Pick 2-3 things that would be first on your list that you would want to fix right away!

PS To Dean I/we wish you the best of health. This in no way whatsoever was meant as a bad thing.

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Klobber said...

Wow - only 2 or 3 things? ;-)

with only 24 hours:

1.) I would fix all dialogs to load centered on the IE window. I have a quad monitor setup and centering across 4 screens doesn't work at all.

2.) I would allow the IE options dialog to be re-sizable so that you can actually see stuff in those ginormous lists.

With more time available?

1.) fix all innerHTML bugs
2.) add W3C event listeners
3.) add CSS3 ROUNDED corners baby!
4.) add CSS3 opacity
5.) fix the onbeforeunload event to ONLY fire when the page is ACTUALLY about to be unloaded, not when a user clicks on an interactive element on the page or opens a popup window
6.) fix the HTTP Referrer bug
7.) fix the auto-complete (save data) bug

Bart said...

- Javascript (NOT JSCRIPT)

Would be a good starting point at least.

Johnathan said...

I'd fix whatever mess is in IE that manages their extensions. Why any of them need to load on internal pages like about:blank, about:tabs, or any of the DLL based pages is beyond me.

This single flaw in the IE design means that loading pages is ridiculously slow all the time.

Its just plain bad architecture and there is no excuse for it considering the IE team has had a chance to fix it over the last 5 years.

Probably can't fix it in 24 hours but it would certainly be my focus when fixing IE - however long it takes.

gguzman said...

umm, are we allowed to delete the whole tree?