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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taking IE6 out to pasture... one step at a time

Taking IE6 out to pasture:

If you are a web developer you've struggled with supporting IE6 for quite some time.

Just how long? Browser Life Statuses

Unfortunately dropping support for IE6 isn't that easy when your end users (and paying customers) are using IE6.

Since many people using IE6 don't have a choice (e.g. they are forced to use it at work) the only way to help push users into newer browsers is to move the entire Internet forward.

Once the momentum of sites dropping IE6 support kicks in... I.T. Admins everywhere will feel the pressure to update their end users PCs to a newer version of IE or even other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

To help track which sites are dropping IE support and thus gauge when you should drop IE6 support (if you haven't already) we're compiling a list here.

If you know of a site that is or has dropped IE6 support please let us know!

Dropping IE6 Support:

37 SignalsDropping support for IE6Dropping IE6 support across all products
CrowdSpringPhasing out IE6 supportPhasing out IE6 support as of March 2009
DiggDropping support for logged in actions in IE6 soonMuch Ado About IE6
FacebookSuggests IE6 users upgrade...
Get SatisfactionDropped IE6 support...
GMailIE6 users prompted to upgrade to Chrome"GMail runs faster in Google Chrome"
iWorkIE6 unsupportedIE6 unsupported, IE7 support is quirky
LinkedInIE6 partially supportedThe new rich interface features for LinkedIn will NOT work in IE6 by design
Mobile MeIE6/IE7 unsupportedIE7 unsupported
Mustardseed MediaIE6 support not included by defaultIE6 support by default dropped
ProjectturfDropped IE6 supportIE6 No Longer supported
Scr.imNo interest in fixing IE issuesWon't Fix
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010IE6 won't be supported for editingIE6 won't be supported for editing
XeroIE6 support droppedIE6 is no longer supported
YouTubeDropping support soonYouTube next to kiss IE6 Support goodbye
YubbyIE6 unsupportedIE6 is not supported linked image
Google AppsGoogle Apps unsupportedsupport dropping for IE6 March 1,2010
ZenbeIE6 unsupportedIE6 is not a very standard compliant browser. We almost have to write a different AJAX UI in order to support IE6. Sorry.

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