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Friday, June 25, 2010

bug 536 - no file upload in Safari on the iPad

Issue: #536
Affects: Safari on the iPad

The iPad is great for everyday web surfing on the couch or on your daily commute but Safari on the iPad has some quirks that make it significantly different than the desktop version.

For starters - the HTML <input type="file"/> element doesn't work. It renders as a disabled input. So if you were hoping to send pictures or MP3's by attaching them to an email in GMail or Hotmail etc. you are out of luck.

Since the iPad doesn't really expose an operating system and files to the user - this does kind of make sense - though I'm sure it will confuse some users at first.

Known Workarounds: One. When viewing your pictures directly on the iPad - choose the option in the top right to "send" the picture to an email address. You are limited to 1 picture at a time, and the To: field won't remember the email address for you :-( but it will work.

Related Issues: None.

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