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Monday, June 28, 2010

bug 552 - no double-click event on the iPad

Issue: #552
Affects: Safari on the iPad

Ok, calling this a bug is a big stretch because it was intentionally removed. This is more of a footnote that the dblclick event is not available in Safari on the iPad.

The reason is that the iPad reserves the double "tap" event to zoom in and out of a Web page.

However there's a few additional events that Safari on the iPad doesn't support (with no obvious reason) but we'll tackle in another post. ;-)


<script type="text/javascript">
<div ondblclick="alert('this will never fire');">DBL Click Me</div>

Known Workarounds: None.

Related Issues: None.

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Cédric Soubrié said...

Still no solution for this ?
What are the other events not handled ?

Georgia said...

Gosh, why Steve Job didnt think about it just before releasing milions of ipads???? im also stuck in my lesson frenches which demands these obvious double clicks to go forward!!!...