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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Microsoft drops support for features in Metro IE 10

Microsoft drops support for features in Metro IE 10 Affects: IE10 Metro Microsoft has dropped support for some legacy IE-only features in IE10 (Metro version) in Windows 8 (due out later this year). Two methods in particular have been dropped: showModalDialog() and showModelessDialog(). Example:
<script type="text/javascript">
 var legacyModalPopup = showModalDialog(url, args, options);
 var legacyModelessPopup = showModelessDialog(url, args, options);
However that's far from the complete list! Microsoft is also dropping support for common JavaScript features like: MS Pinned Sites, addBehavior, window.print(), window.prompt(),, window.external, onhashchange event, onoffline event, ononline event, AddSearchProvider(), AddToFavoritesBar(), and yes even window.alert(), window.confirm(), navigator.codeName, and of course there is no ActiveXObject support in IE10 Metro.
Known Workarounds: None.
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Hugh Isaacs II said...

Isn't this only when developing Metro apps using HTML5?

Leo Tohill said...

Could you provide a source for these claims? I tried to find, and could not.

Anonymous said...

@Leo Tohill - did you try clicking any of the links to those methods/objects? They all link to the JavaScript APIs and they all have the same statement printed on them!

Here is the one from alert();

"Displays a dialog box containing an application-defined message. This method is not supported for Metro style apps using JavaScript."

Seems pretty clear that Microsoft is leaving us out to dry.

This sucks.

Leo Tohill said...

Ok, now I understand. This applies to "Metro style apps". It does not apply generally to IE10 on Win8. I may not be familiar enough with Win8/Metro lingo, but your title "Metro IE 10" had me believing that it applied to IE10 on Win8 in general. That would be disastrous. A change that applies only to new-style apps is acceptable (in my view) as it enforces the style that MS wants to see going forward.