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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

bug 345 - keyboard locks up in iOS WebKit textarea

Issue: #345
Affects: iOS WebKit 536.26 (Safari & Chrome on iPhone, iPad, & iPod)

Note: this issue is specific to iOS.  WebKit running on BlackBerry / Android devices are unaffected by this bug.

Under normal circumstances a TextArea (even in WebKit) works just fine however on iOS6 and WebKit 536.26 there is a bug with textareas if they are within an iframe.

<iframe src="somePage.html"></iframe>
and then in somePage.html
<textarea cols="60" rows="6">
type a bunch of multi-line content (e.g. "abc" [Enter] over and over)

Yup! that's all the code you need... a textarea in an iframe (very common in today's inline overlay popups).

Just type multiple lines of text (enough to be able to scroll the textarea vertically).

Then re-position the cursor elsewhere in the textarea and try to type again... Denied! The keyboard is almost useless as no characters will render on screen (oddly enough the backspace/delete key still works fine!)

Frustrating isn't it! Gah!
Known Workarounds: One. It isn't obvious but if you dismiss the keyboard or use Previous/Next to jump to another field and come back to the field everything works again!
Related Issues: None.

If you have a SmartPhone or Tablet that runs a WebKit browser (basically any of them except Opera, Firefox (or a Windows 8 tablet)) please try this out and see if we can narrow down the specific versions/Operating Systems affected.

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