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Thursday, February 26, 2009

bug 487 - onclick/onfocus bugs on select elements in IE, Chrome & Safari

Issue: #487
Fully Affects: IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10
Partially Affects: Chrome, Safari

The select form control is great for providing options for a user to select from. You can "enforce" validation simply by what you allow for selection, and the control itself is quite keyboard/mouse friendly with a predictable behavior across all browsers.

Well not quite. IE has a bug with setting an onclick or onfocus event handler on a select element in that if any changes are made to the child options of the select, the first attempt to open the select list with the mouse will fail.

It doesn't matter if you are dynamically populating the selects' options from a JavaScript array or an AJAX request, or removing options that are no longer valid.

In Chrome, the onfocus event works just fine, but the onclick event, won't alter the select field's options until the list is collapsed (e.g. when it closes).

In Safari 4 Beta (need to confirm for Safari 3.x), the onfocus event works fine just like Chrome, but the onclick event never alters the options list at all, no matter how many times it is clicked on.

Try the following samples out, both will not let you open the select list on the first click in IE, and the onclick list will behave oddly in Chrome/Safari. (For this test, we are simply cropping the length of the list) both lists originally have options 100,200,300,400,500,600.

OnClick Test:

OnFoucs Test:

Known Workarounds: One partial fix would be to use the onmousedown event instead of the onclick event, this will fix the IE issue, but only for mouse interaction. Keep in mind that due to (bug 280) there may be significant challenges creating a workaround for this bug.

Related Issues: (bug 280).

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