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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fixed bugs in IE8

Fixed bugs in IE8:

We've started to aggressively mark those bugs that are fixed in IE8 as such. The final version of IE8 has yet to be released but there is a presumption that a bug that is fixed in IE8 RC1 will remain fixed for the IE8 RTM release.

However there is a significant catch. When Microsoft fixed most of these bugs, they only fixed them in the "IE8 Standards Mode" which is the new mode that IE renders content in its "best possible, most standards way that it can".

This means that in order to see any of these fixes work, you MUST generate your pages with a valid doctype and the page MUST be somewhere on the Internet, not the Intranet (A point most developers argued against but Microsoft stood firm).

That all said, bugs marked with the "Fixed" tag are bugs that from preliminary testing appear to be working fine in IE8 in IE8 Standards Mode.

With deep regret (ours) there are also bugs that Microsoft has indicated will not be fixed in IE8 RTM, and those have been marked with the "Broken By Design" tag.

IE8 RTM is on the horizon now and the IE Team has indicated that there will not be any more public IE releases before the final (we hope that means there will be another private release, but we aren't getting our hopes up).

If/When time permits, we'll publish a complete list right here so that there is a quick list to check against. Thanks for all the input and bug submissions (for any browser of course) and feedback.

[List will go here]
(bug 101) - buttons render stretched and distorted in IE (WinXP)

(bug 152) - getElementById returns incorrect objects in IE and Opera

(bug 154) - getElementById is NOT case sensitive in IE

(bug 163) - no valign in table cells in IE8

(bug 165) - dynamic pre population fails in IE

(bug 184) - The catch to Try Catch Finally in IE

(bug 190) - fieldsets are broken in IE8

(bug 215) - no hasAttributes() support in IE6, IE7

(bug 217) - getAttribute doesn't always work in IE

(bug 229) - not everything is absolute in IE

(bug 268) - hasAttributes not supported in IE

(bug 293) - can't disable options in IE

(bug 299) - setAttribute "checked" does not work in IE

(bug 329) - Element.setAttribute('style', '...') fails in IE8 Beta 1

(bug 333) - microsoft drops all support for opacity in IE8!

(bug 341) - the button element submits the wrong value in IE

(bug 347) - IE8 Beta 1 - text highlighting background issue

(bug 371) - named anchor links are broken in IE8

(bug 471) - font-weight:600 stretches text in IE

Broken By Design:
Status: Microsoft has confirmed that these bugs will NOT be fixed in IE8 RTM
(bug 109) - JavaScript prompt() in IE - How did this not get fixed in IE7?!

(bug 126) - no W3C DOM Level 2 Event Listeners

(bug 132) - slow checking checkboxes required in IE

(bug 210) - No .innerHTML support on Table, THead, TBody, TFoot, Tr's in IE

(bug 237) - type is a readonly attribute in IE

(bug 256) - DOM nodeType constants are not in IE and Opera

(bug 274) - DOM Methods on Select Lists don't work in IE

(bug 342) - Connecting... in IE7 / IE8 takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R

(bug 411) - getElementsByName doesn't work in IE

(bug 421) - IE fails to pass the HTTP Referer on many navigations

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