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Monday, August 17, 2009

bug 231 - noscript elements render when script enabled in IE8 Standards Mode

Issue: #231
Affects: IE8 (Standards Mode), IE9 PP1, IE9 PP2, IE9 PP3, IE9 PP4, IE9 PP6

The <noscript> tag serves 1 basic purpose and that is to provide content when scripting is turned off in the browser.

Years ago the main purpose was to provide alternative content so that your page still worked in browsers without script however these days due to better popup blocking and more interactive content scripting is typically turned on.

Thus the main use of the noscript tag today is to inform the user that JavaScript is turned off and that things won't work until it is turned back on.

[Fake] You need to turn on JavaScript to use the uber cool features on this page. [Fake]

However warnings like this would seem quite out of place when JavaScript is turned on so they are not rendered. Well except that IE8 (Standards Mode) does render the noscript tag container when JavaScript is turned on. This is a regression bug from IE6/7.


If you are viewing this page in IE8 Standards mode (you'll need to use the IE developer tools [F12] since blogger forces IE7 rendering mode) you will see the outline of noscript tags even when JavaScript is enabled.

Known Workarounds: One. Setting the noscript tag to be display:inline; vs display:block seems to make the container disappear.

Related Issues: None.

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